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Saga Cruz Herrera

Jose Cruz Herrera – Autoretrato

Amparo Cruz Mayor – Autoretrato

Amparo L. Cruz

The saga of the Cruz Herrera painters begins with the grandfather, Jose Cruz Herrera, a universally recognized painter and art professor, a man passionate about painting and who dedicated his life to creating works of art of international level, being the most awarded Spanish painter during his life and whose canvases are exhibited in several museums apart from his own.

As time went on, his skill and technique were passed on to his daughter, Amparo Cruz Mayor, who also became a talented painter following her father’s style. Together, grandfather and daughter worked hard to maintain the family legacy and continue to create art with passion.

The third generation was born with Amparo L. Cruz, the granddaughter who began to show an interest in art at an early age and follow in the footsteps of her family, with the help and advice of her grandfather and mother. The granddaughter became a painter who created a style very much her own, as can be seen in her exhibitions.

The saga of the Cruz Herrera painters has become a story of three generations of artists united by the love and respect for art.

Amparo in some of his exhibitions

Amparo’s art has been an important part of many events over the years. His canvases full of color and life have been the center of attraction in galleries and exhibitions, attracting a diverse audience that appreciates his creativity and skill. Each of his paintings is a unique work that captures the essence of nature and humanity, and his legacy in the art world will continue to grow over time.

Museum Inauguration Cruz Herrera

Exhibition | San Roque

Exhibition | La Línea

Canvases | Sky

Canvases | The Sea

Canvases | Flowers

Canvases | Morroco

Canvases | Others

Some representative paintings of the work of Amparo L. Cruz are exhibited on this website, some paintings have already been sold, others have not.

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